Tranquillis is a product aimed at healing a medical condition called tinnitus. Tinnitus is a common ailments among older people, where they suffer from a deafening ringing sensation which is often a symptom of another underlying medical condition such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s.

Tranquillis is a supplement combining the power of 13 brain-boosting nutrients that repair and maintain the well-being of the brain. On top of the well-being of the brain and the nervous system, it also aims to improve memory and calm the brain down to prevent the deafening ringing sensation from coming back.

Tranquillis at work

Tranquillis is a supplement product that merges the brain-caring capability of 13 all-natural brain-boosting nutrients which include Vitamin C, Folic Acid and Vitamin B-12 among others. It utilizes the healing and repairing power of herbal supplements like juniper berry, buchu leaves, and green tea.

Tranquillis Manufacturer

The mind behind the innovative Tranquillis is none other than Howard Briggs, a man who had been through the hell of tinnitus. Upon discovering the root cause of his tinnitus and how it makes hearing and the environment a hell for him, consulted an expert and figured things out.

Later on, he tried to find ways on how to help others who are also going through the suffering given by the condition. One of the ways he did was to research on the breakthroughs in dealing with tinnitus, which led him to produce the supplement whose manufacturing and benefits were anchored on research results.

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The vitamins and minerals that compose the Tranquillis namely, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin B-6, Niacin, and Folic acid, are known for their benefits in repairing and regenerating tissues and are helpful especially for aged people. Also, these nutrients are known for their capacity to clam the nervous system, which is needed in dealing with tinnitus.

As for the herbal elements that comprise Tranquillis, garlic herb powder, olive leaf extract, hibiscus leaf Juniper berry, Hawthorne berry, buchu leaves, and uva ursi, are known for their capability to alleviate infection and pain. These properties are necessary to make the effects of the vitamins and minerals optimum for the patient.


Given the consideration that the Tranquilli’s formulation was anchored from the latest and well-developed research, you can be sure that you have the best quality of a supplement. Also, with the formulation, you can be guaranteed that it will be safe to intake.

Also, purchasing this product will offer you different packages, according to your preference, demands and condition. If you want a larger supply at an affordable price, there’s certainly one for you.


As much as this product’s formulation is anchored in research, Tranquillis should not be used as a substitute to any medications provided by health professionals. Also, pregnant women and people who have other critical health condition, are advised to refrain from taking it.

If under any of the conditions given, consultation with a doctor is highly advised to avoid unwanted, untoward incidents or worsening of conditions.

Side Effects

As far as side effects are concerned, there are no recorded harmful effects of the supplement to various people, including those who have allergies. This follows the fact that the quantities of the ingredients are enough to take effect, but not too much to trigger allergic reactions.

However, if you are already aware of allergies towards any of the aforementioned ingredients it is highly advised that you refrain from taking this supplement.

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How much do I need to buy Tranquillis?

One basic bottle of Tranquillis costs $69.00 each. However, if you want more of this product, the manufacturer offers packages for you to choose from.

The Standard Package includes three bottles for $177, while the Premium Package includes six bottles and costs $294. Choosing any of these package will entitle you to savings – $30 for the Standard and $120 for the Premium.

Can you give me details of Tranquillis customer support?

For any inquiries prior to buying the product and even inquiries as you use the product, you may contact the Tranquillis customer support. To access them, you may go directly to their website at

Upon accessing the website, you will see a contact number and an email address at the upper left of your screen. Also, you may contact them through clicking the “Contact Us” link at the bottom part of the page.

Once this link is clicked, you will be directed to a new tab where you will simply have to fill the necessary details along with your inquiry.

Where can I buy Tranquillis?

Tranquillis is exclusively available for purchase through their website,
You are given options as to which package you would like to avail of and the prices.

Once you avail of a bottle or a package of Tranquillis from their website, you are entitled to free shipping charges.

Can you share some feedback from users?

Tranquillis users from different states have already expressed amazement towards the healing and relieving effect of the product. Many of them have already freed themselves from the fear and negative effects of the deafening sound that the tinnitus causes them.

 How is it best to use Tranquillis?

The manufacturer recommends for new buyers to start off with three bottles of Tranquillis. From these three bottles, remember to take two pills a day and drink water with it.

The best time to take this supplement is in the morning so that you can utilize and maximize the nutrients that this supplement gives to your body throughout the day’s activities.


Overall, Tranquillis is a very beneficial and efficient product for those who are suffering from tinnitus. From its basis to its actual effects, it is indeed an amazing and effective breakthrough in the field of medicine.

Moneywise, it is very affordable and reasonably priced. You can afford to have this included in you daily intake.

Taking this product is also not so much of a hassle as you will only have to take it twice a day, in the morning, which you can do after eating breakfast and before having lunch.